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Man gets Rs. 11 lakh as compensation from hospital for negligence (which led to him getting crippled for life)

When a man gets admitted to hospital, the expectation is that he will get better, and that the hospital will take the best possible care to ensure that the person gets the best possible service. This includes getting proper medical attention, being attended to by nursing staff, and also to ensure that the person does […]

Telecom: Reliance Commnications fined Rs. 10,000 for being deficient in services

Getting an internet connection in modern India should be very easy, and it should almost be like a commodity. The customer pays for a connection, and the company provides the connection, and it works with minimum down time. But what do you when the company provides you with a connection that is old, even though […]

HDFC Bank fined for ‘extra charges’

Normally, dealing with banks is a hot and cold affair. When you have dealings with ATM’s and with over the counter in branches, things are fine normally fine. But when there is something that is out of the ordinary, that is when people have more complaints. This could be when there are some delays in […]

Lawyer fined more than Rs. 1.18 by consumer court

Typically, one really does not hear of lawyers being fined for any sort of consumer malpractices. So it was surprising to read this case where a lawyer in Chandigarh was fined for deficient services, something that caused losses to his client – when the client complained to a consumer forum, the consumer court agreed with […]

Compensating lady for non-delivery of flat

The relation between property developers and the normal citizen can become tense very soon; it should be a normal commercial relationship, but in many cases, due to wrong behavior by the property developer, the citizen feels totally helpless. After all, if the property developer delays giving the property or the flat, the owner can feel […]