Tractor inside the compound of the Se Cathedral in old Goa

Tractor inside the compound of the Se Cathedral in old Goa
The compound of the Se Cathedral in old Goa is pretty huge, and there was some maintenance work ongoing when we were visiting. The Cathedral is located in old Goa and is an incredible piece of heritage, especially when you combine it with the Bom Jesus Basilica that is right across the narrow road. Both these monuments were built by the Portuguese when they were in control of Goa; this control came after they defeated a Muslim army in the early 16th century; to celebrate this defeat, the construction of the Se Cathedral took place (and the timeline from start to consecration was many decades).
As a part of maintenance, there is normally a need to carry in or out large quantities of construction material, and typically a tractor pulling a large metal open container behind it is the preferred medium to carry out such material. The tractor can get right to the point where the material is getting offloaded and it has the power to pull a heavy container behind it, and is probably the cheapest such machinery required (using large trucks for the same will typically prove more expensive and the tractor has a much better ability to get into situations where there is no road or there is a very rough track).

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